U-21 Worlds

The last i’ve been skiing with Jaret Llewellyn down in West Palm Beach, before I went up to Orlando on friday night to compete in the 2013 Under 21 World Championship. I had the weekend off before the official practice started up monday. Got everything dialed in and finished off the training yesterday with some really good jumps. Now one day off before slalom and jump prelims on friday.



New sponsor = new ride!

Since I haven´t updated the site since April i figured i probably should update a little bit. But straight to the point, since no update this is old news but still stoked. This summer i made a deal with my local Jeep dealer Solum Auto which made me get a new ride!


So thank you so much to Solum Auto, RSA and Jeep Norway for hooking me up with this awesome Jeep Wrangler.





Jeep Wrangler

I´m back!

Sorry for absolutely no updates in a long time, the reason is I’ve been too busy doing this:

Podium Finish

The last day in South-Africa went really good, i was 2.nd out in the jump finals and did a 57.9 meter jump on my first jump which held to a silver medal! Im really happy with it and a great start of the season. Now I just came back to Trophy Lakes where I’m gonna stay for a month before i head back to Norway. Stay tuned for more updates about what I’m doing.

Day 4

Another day with skiing here in South-Africa and today it was time for jump prelims. I was last off the dock and just wanted to take it easy and just put myself in the finals which i did but took it a little too easy and didn’t jump the way i wanted but it doesn’t really matter. Im in the finals and going out pretty early so just gonna go hard and put the pressure from the start!


Tomorrow i have a day off so just gonna take it easy and relax and prepare for the finals on sunday.


results can be found at http://www.iwwfed-ea.org/classic/12EAC001/

Day 3

Just came back to the hotel after todays skiing. Started off the event this morning with some slalom, i screwed up big time so really pissed about that but stoked for jump prelims tomorrow and off course my swedish brothers did great today and have the 1.st 2.nd and tied 4.th so thats great!

The conditions were perfect this morning so nothing i can blame it on than myself, felt great at my first pass (14.meters) and my start on the 2.nd pass was really good, i just came up to 3 ball and the ski was stucked behind me a little and i just couldnt keep going. Sucks but thats life, now really looking forward for jump prelims tomorrow!

Then went to see something else than the lake so went to see some waterfalls and stuff nearby so filled the day a little bit. Unfortunately the only animals we can see here is some small lizards and some other small animals but the waterfalls was nice!